Terms of Use

General Site Usage

By accessing this site and the videos housed in it, you agree to use the videos responsibly for internal or customer-facing events or channels/media. If you use these videos in any other way or outside of the usage rights and dates stated for individual videos, you, and your region or BU will be responsible for any fines incurred by the misuse. Usage rights associated with each specific video will appear before you download the video itself. Please ask global_event_services@dell.com if you have any questions.

Brand TV Spots Usage Rights

The TV spots are approved to use globally for Dell Technologies events, customer meetings, our web sites, and social handles. Approved usage dates for "See What's There," "Outrunning Disease," and "Faster Health" are from March 27, 2019 - March 26, 2020. No MDF, VO, or other creative modifications allowed. Foreign language subtitles can be added by the BU/Region if needed. Please make a request for other resolution or file format files to global_event_services@dell.com.

The use of the TV spots outside of the approved mediums and usage dates will result in a fine to the BU/Region to cover charges or fines for contract violations that could put our company in bad standing with the Screen Actors Guild or fines for any music rights infringement.